BTS Outfits For Boy With Luv ft Halsey Music Video

BTS Outfits For Boy With Luv ft Halsey Music Video

BTS Outfits For Boy With Luv ft Halsey.

BTS released two Teasers so far for their upcoming single Boy with Luv. And we can’t wait to listen more from their new album: Map of the soul: Persona.  The song will be released on April 12 featuring Halsey. Also, the title has a nostalgic tone to eat if you think of how similar it sounds with one of BTS earlier songs Boy In Luv. Even the spelling is the same. We noticed an interesting theory of how the boys could interpret their earlier personas in the new album. The theory might be true since even the images are kinda similar but we’d love to hear what you think.

Furthermore, we couldn’t help but think of how cute the collaboration with Halsey is since we first saw them getting along in 2017.

Finally, we noticed that on the first teaser the boys seem to favor Gucci fashion-wise. and Valentino in the second one.

BTS Outfits:

Kim Namjoon:

Kim Seokjin: 
Jin wears a Valentino shirt with VLNT print which you can find here.
He is also wearing an OFF-WHITE Industrial Belt.

Min Yoongi:
Suga is wearing B23 High-Top Sneakers in Dior Oblique.

Jung Hoseok:
J-Hope wears a Valentino shirt with VLNT print, shop it here.

Park Jimin:
You can find Jimin‘s sweater here or here or here! (the price varies.)

Kim Taehyung: 
V wears a light blue denim from Valentino that you can find here.
And Valentino oversized shirt within that you can find here.

Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook wears VLTN GRID” Bounce Sneakers by Valentine and a “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” T-shirt.


We will update when we’ll find the rest.



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