What BTS Wore At The Golden Disc Awards 2019

What BTS Wore At The Golden Disc Awards 2019

What BTS Wore At The Golden Disc Awards

BTS members are always fashionable. It’s always refreshing to check up on what they are wearing. Also, it’s quite unique the way they dress as a band. You can clearly see they have their own style yet they have a symmetric way of matching.

At the Golden Disc Awards, we spotted four members of BTS wearing Paul Smith. (Suga, J-hope, Jimin, and Taehyung – V.)

First of all and without exaggeration, we can all agree that V’s coat is a show stealer. It looks and well it is quite expensive. He matched it with a yellow-mustard turtleneck sweater and looked like an absolute sweetheart.
You can find the coat he is wearing here: Men’s Teal Houndstooth Check Double-Breasted Wool Overcoat.

(I always try to put BTS in turn by age, as appropriate, but Taehyung’s coat got a grip of me)

Suga wore a red cotton sweater matched with a black blazer and looked classy and comfortable. Did we talk enough about Suga’s and V’s piggyback entrance by the way, cause I fear that I dreamed it?
You can find the sweater Suga wears here: Men’s Red Cotton and Wool-Blend ‘Urban Fox’ Intarsia Sweater.

J-hope wore a kind of all-black outfit except for the embroidered Dreamer on his sweater. I must admit I didn’t notice from the start the word Dreamer on his sweater. As i payed more attention, I liked the colors and the glitchy effect on it. J-hope paired his black sweater with a lighter black coat and black pants.
You can find the sweater J-hope wore here: Men’s Black Lambswool Sweater With ‘Dreamer’ Embroidery.

Jimin’s sweater is almost as fluffy as he is. Jimin wore a color gradient sweater and paired it with a black blazer.
You can find Jimin’s sweater here: Men’s Gradient ‘Artist Stripe’ Wool-Mohair Sweater.

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